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Are you looking at solutions to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your audience? Then we’ve got you covered!

We provide a broad range of services to reach your audience and speak a language that matters to them.

You and your target group are the beginning and end of everything we do. After all, nobody knows them better than you do.

We help you:

  • Retain and grow your existing customer base
  • Create profitable long-term relationships
  • Be remembered by making a positive impact
  • Turn your audience into ambassadors
  • Stay competitive in your offering
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Improve your ROI and NPS score
  • Measure your proven results
  • Stand out in the crowd!

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    Because no two organizations are the same, we believe in solutions that are tailored to your situation and your goals.

    It all starts with our loyalty audit performed by our experts followed by an intense loyalty workshop with your team.

    This is the first step towards a loyalty program that will get you stand out in the crowd. We will develop everything down to the last detail together with you. You can trust our creative minds to come up with exciting ideas.

    The cherry on your cake? We measure everything. If content is king, data is definitely queen!

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    You already have a loyalty strategy, but it does not generate the expected results? You are spending too much budget on a program that doesn’t perform?

    It’s time to have a discussion, preferably with experts. Let’s just say we have someone in mind.

    Faxions help you identify clear goals and efficient KPI’s. We suggest technical and digital tools and content that match your needs and enable you to reach your business targets.

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    I need your advice


    Looking to launch your own brand-new digital loyalty program in just a few weeks’ time, with a reasonable investment budget?

    Enter the world of our ready-to-use loyalty platforms. They are easy to set up, offer many powerful tools and give your audience automatic access to massive catalogue of added value content.

    Plus: we deliver local content and top-notch service for your customers and your team!

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    Do you believe your customers deserve only the best? We do too! Do you want to go the extra mile for them? Same!

    Over the years we have created an extensive network of partnerships in the Benelux. From local partners to international brands, we have exclusive access to products and services that allow us to create custom experiences and reward packages for your audience.

    Our motto: loyalty comes from positive emotion. And we look forward to help you create positive emotion moments that your clients can associate to your brand.

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    My audience deserves the best


A benefits programme for employees of the group’s hospital centres since 2021

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A branded platform with benefits for supporters since 2021

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A digital platform to centralise cooperative activity since 2015

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Who we are

We are loyalty marketeers in heart and soul. We breathe loyalty, think loyalty, live loyalty.

We are a team of unique personalities and like-minded souls. Each of us has their own talents and specializations, as well as an eye for marketing trends and digital developments locally and worldwide.

We have two things in common: we are experts in our field and we all put the client first, always!


    Founded in 2008, faxions is a loyalty and strategy marketing agency based in Brussels.

    We specialise in creating strong loyalty programs for our national and international clients. Our aim is to strengthen the bond between brands and their community. We create benefits programmes that bring real added value and purchase power.

    We collaborate with over 3,000 Benelux partners to create great content for our programmes. We deliver data-driven proof of excellence and work with top-notch technology to build responsive loyalty web platforms. We embrace gamification and experiences as part of our offering and have an in-house support team with a telephone hotline.

    We make your loyalty strategy stand out to reflect your authentic brand identity and goals.


    Our motivation, passion and reliability enable us to create clear added value for our partners. Excellent service and your satisfaction are not short-term goals, but what we strive for in the long term. That means we can create a win-win situation where everyone reaps the benefits.

    Our mission is to bring added value to as many people as possible.

    We aim to create the best experience for our audience.

    How do we do it? By listening. By understanding. By offering and creating solutions. By monitoring results.

    Why do we do it? To generate genuine added value, for you and your business AND for your customers and staff.

    By putting our vision into practice, we aim to remain the number-one benchmark in loyalty marketing and loyalty strategy.


    • We believe in an ecosystem of cooperation
    • We put people and their happiness at the center of everything we do internally and externally
    • We believe that working on loyalty and added value is an absolute must for every company
    • We embrace digitalization and gamification in our concepts
    • We integrate emotion and experience as a trigger of loyalty


    These core values are the theme running through everything we do.


    Respect has a central place at faxions. It is obviously first manifested between us in the team. It is also a key element in our relationships with our clients, their customers, our partners, and other collaborators. And we extend this to our workplace and environment in a broader sense.

    Customer support

    We have a customer-centric approach to everything that we do. We aim to create a long-lasting relationship by listening and by offering high-quality, consistent service.


    Each of us takes responsibility for his or her own job in an efficient and effective way. More broadly speaking, we also assume our economic, social, and ecological responsibilities.


    In our attitude to everyday life and in our working hours, we are committed to a flexibility that guarantees both personal well-being and professional excellence. We are here to serve and help each other.


    Our passion and drive are expressed in the pleasure we find in everything we do: we commit totally to our work every day to get better and grow stronger.


    It is important for us that we can be ourselves. But authenticity also means being reliable and honest in everything we do.


    It is very important for us to empathize with each other and our customers. After all, we want more than an ordinary (business) relationship. Taking the emotions in all people and relationships into consideration enables us to aim for a bond of trust in all our relationships.