(NL) Faxions

Our values

Our values are the basis of everything we do. It matters to us that the following values are built into the very structure of our company:


Respect is a high priority at Faxions. We do not just respect each other, but show respect in all our relationships with customers as well.

Customer care

We focus on the customer. Faxions wishes to build up a sustainable relationship of trust with its customers, by listening, offering consistent, high-quality service and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Each of us takes responsibility for their job in an efficient and effective way. We also try to assume our social, economic and ecological responsibilities.


Passion and drive are expressed in the pleasure we take in everything we do.

Giving all we have got every day and experiencing the enthusiasm to grow and improve constantly are the forces that drive us.


It is very important to us to stay true to ourselves, our roots and our culture. But authenticity also means being reliable and honest in everything we do.


Consideration for each other and our customers! We want to go further than a mere business relationship. We are invested in the emotion present in each of us and in every human relationship. In this way we try to earn your trust.